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How Often Do You Need To Repair A Lead Roof?


If you’re looking for a durable structure, then lead roofing is for you. Leadwork is typically seen in flashing or porches but can be seen as a whole roofing solution too, particularly in older buildings. Flashing protects the joints of a roof from the elements. It can be seen around your chimney, for example, and in the valley where two sections of roof meet. It is used for its durability and ability to waterproof a structure. So, when will you need to repair it?

Extension with flat roof

Lead Roofing Repairs

Lead roofing won’t need repairs often. Often, it can last for around 100 years, making it a solid material. Through the years, this benefit has made it a popular roofing solution for many buildings. If it was installed by professionals to a high standard, there shouldn’t be many issues for a long time and it will very rarely need repairs. It can last a lifetime, which is why it has been a popular material for many years. It can even be seen in some historic buildings. By opting for wholly lead roofing, or even just flashing, you can be sure to have a long-lasting, waterproof structure.

While the material is resistant to extreme weather, if installed poorly, some problems may occur. Cracks could happen due to poor installation or the wrong code choice. In this case, it can be covered by another sheet or patched up. Lead can be a dangerous material to work with though, so make sure you call in the professionals and don’t try to DIY it.

Repairs Or Replacement?

There will come a time when lead roofing is beyond fixing. When it reaches a certain age, it will start to deteriorate. If the material is not doing its job, then a brand new one will be required. To ensure the whole roof is working correctly, there shouldn’t be any points of weakness. It’s essential that skilled and knowledgeable roofers only carry out lead roofing repairs.

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If your structure needs repairs, contact our team in Exeter today. We have plenty of experience in leadwork and can help repair or fit your roof at a competitive price. Flashing is also essential for many homes, no matter the type of material chosen. So, call us now for a water-tight roof.

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