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Roofing Services Tiverton

Salter Roofing Ltd is the only place to go for quality roofing services in Tiverton. If your roof needs to be replaced or you’ve detected a leak, we realise how stressful it may be. We are proud to be local roofers in that provide a comprehensive range of roofing services. Because we have over 30 years of experience, we can help you with all of your flat roofing, roof repairs, and chimney installation needs. Whether you have a roofing emergency or require chimney repairs, Tiverton roofing contractors are available to assist you. Give us a call to learn more about how Salter Roofing may help you.


Flat Roofing

Salter Roofing in Tiverton provides a variety of flat roofing services, including flat roof repair and installation. We take pleasure in our remarkable reputation, high-quality workmanship, and superior customer service, which distinguishes us from the competition.

We can handle all aspects of flat roofing including:

Felt Roofing

Salter Roofing specialises in built-up felt roofing systems and single ply waterproof membranes, and has a wide range of roofing abilities and knowledge. Felt roofings are a suitable alternative since they are: cost-effective, strong, and durable, and they help to avoid moisture infiltration. They can be used on garden sheds, garages, and additions.


Roof Repairs

We can assist you with everything from a little roof fracture to gutter replacement. We can provide a comprehensive roofing solution that is not only affordable but also provides peace of mind. We’ll do a thorough roof inspection to discover any problem areas or prospective issues that may damage your home. You can rest confident that any roof repairs will be completed with the utmost care and efficiency.

If you need a roof repair right away, call us for a 24-hour emergency response. All of our work is backed by a guarantee. You can count on us to quickly repair your roof in Tiverton!


Lead roofs are a good choice if you want a strong and long-lasting roof. Salter Roofing offers a variety of lead roofing options such as Installation, repairs, lead flashings, cladding, and replacement work all fall under this category. You can rest easy knowing that a properly fitted lead roof will survive for many years. Lead roofs are also aesthetically beautiful and add value to your home.


Contact The Local Roofers in Tiverton

Whether you have a roofing emergency or need expertise to do chimney repairs, skilled roofing contractors in Tiverton are available to help. To learn more about how Salter Roofing can assist you, give us a call.

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