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How Often Do You Need To Repair A Slate Roof?


Slate roofs are a beautiful finish to any building. They bring both character and natural elegance to a property, so are a top choice for many. They are one of the longer lasting materials for a home, and with the correct maintenance they can last for generations. It can be difficult to know when you need to get repairs, so here’s when to call in the professionals:

When Do Slate Roofs Need To Be Fixed?

The long-lasting nature of slate roofs means that they won’t often need repairs. One of the many advantages of the material is that slate can last for 100 years, and even longer if taken care of correctly. It is, afterall, a naturally occurring rock, so it is very durable. Slate can withstand a lot, with some buildings lasting for nearly two centuries. However, throughout their lifetime there might be a few spot repairs needed here and there.

New roof tiles fitted to house

Look Out For Broken Tiles

More often than not, the only issue you’ll encounter with a slate with is the odd broken tile. Sometimes they can crack in extreme weather conditions. As a result, they may occasionally need to be replaced. Additionally, they might drop out of place; in which case they just need securing. If you have an older structure, poor quality nails may have been used. By now, these might be deteriorating and could end up causing issues with falling slate tiles.

To reduce the need for large repairs, ensure you get your roof inspected regularly so any problems can be found and fixed quickly. This will help keep it in better condition for longer, so you can enjoy a long-lasting structure.

When To Replace Slate Roofs

Sometimes, a structure is beyond repair once it gets past a certain age. SPAB advises that if over a fifth of slate tiles need replacing, it will make more sense financially to renew the whole structure. Discoloured tiles and signs of leaks are also a good indication that you may need a new structure. Rather than fork out for many repairs, you’ll probably save money over time by investing in a good quality roof.

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