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Metal Seamed Roofing Exeter

Professional Metal Seamed Roofing Installations

Are you in need of metal seamed roofing in Exeter and the surrounding areas? If so contact the experts at Salter Roofing. We specialise in Catnic SSR2 standing seam roof and cladding system installations on a variety of commercial & domestic properties. Our professional contractors have the experience necessary to provide durable, top-quality seamed solutions as a modern & lighter alternative roofing solution then tile or slate.

As commercial, urban & domestic roofing contractors, we have over 25 years experience with metal seamed roofing, working on small, medium and large businesses & homes throughout Exeter & Devon. Our installation services meet building and planning permission requirements to create an affordable, alternative cladding system. If your industrial property, business or home could benefit from a long lasting, robust metal seamed roof, contact the experts at Salter Roofing.


Quality & Affordable Metal Seamed Roofing Services

Our bespoke metal seamed services will be tailored to your needs and budget, no matter what they are. To keep you, ourselves, and the general public safe, our specialists complete every aspect of the task to the most recent health and safety regulations. In addition, all materials are selected from respected manufacturers and industry leaders.

At Salter Roofing, we use metal solutions produced from Tata Steel’s Colourcoat HPS200 Steel, as it has longevity, flexibility and sturdiness that slate other roofing materials can lack. This system can be fitted quickly on-site and is 100% recyclable meaning you will be lowering your carbon footprint. Furthermore, we have a range of colors to suit the aesthetic and exterior of your property at a competitive price. For more information on our metal seamed roofing services, contact one of our experienced contractors today.


High-quality Urban Roofing

We use steel from a top manufacturer due to its lightweight properties, making it easier to install whilst adhering to building & installation requirements. It is also a much more affordable alternative to classic copper & zinc standing seam roof systems making it a better option for our valued customers.

This has a lot to do with the metal material chosen, as well as the weather & climate, building design & construction. If your metal seamed roof is regularly maintained & cleaned, the average life span can be between 50 & 60 years!

Metal roofs are no more likely than any other form of roof to be struck by lightning. In fact, metal roofs can be advantageous in the event of a lightning strike in two important respects. First, the roof will aid in the absorption of the electrical charge, and second, because metal roofs are non-combustible, lightning will not ignite them.


Further Details & Metal Seamed Roofing Quotes

For commercial, industrial and domestic locations, it is vital to choose a team of specialists who can recommend the best metal seamed roofing system for your building. The Catnic SSR2 system we use are incredibly durable, long-lasting and cost effective whilst providing a low maintenance system that will look good for decades. Get in touch with the experts at Salter Roofing today for more information, quotes and recommendations.
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