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Signs You Need To Repair Your Chimney


If anything is wrong with your chimney, it’s important to get it fixed. Some of these issues could indicate more serious damage than originally thought. Leaving these problems will only make them worse and more expensive, so it’s good to look out for them. Weaknesses in a stack could make room for problems like mold, pest infestation and structural damage. Here are just some signs you need repairs.

Visible Damage

A good way to check for issues is to simply look at the chimney. If you can see from the ground there is visible damage, you will need to call professional roofers. Whether you can see damaged bricks, crumbling mortar or corroded flashing, you will need to get these fixed. Having weakness in the exterior leaves room for moisture to infiltrate the property and cause vulnerabilities in your roof. Make sure to get these fixed as soon as possible.

Broken Chimney


Efflorescence is a white, powdery substance that can show up on brickwork. This is quite a serious problem when it comes to your chimney. It occurs when moisture moves through the masonry, picking up minerals and leaving behind this substance as the moisture evaporates. If there is an excessive amount on the stack on your roof, it could indicate issues deeper inside.

Leaning Chimney

Although a slight lean is normal, if your chimney is obviously off balance you will need to get this fixed. This can be dangerous if it does happen to fall and come off your roof, as people could be in danger. Leaning could be a result of masonry degradation, in which case a roofer will be able to fix this issue by rebuilding it. When bricks degrade, this means your roof and property are vulnerable to other issues like moisture creeping in. Ensure this is taken care of to maintain your home.


Check Your Fireplace

Although we’re talking about the exterior of your chimney, you may be able to tell there are issues from inside. If there are large draughts coming through the fireplace, this could indicate weaknesses with the stack. If there are leaks or signs of moisture, like mold, this could mean that something has failed and will need fixing.

For Chimney Repairs, Maintenance & Installation, Call Salter Roofing

If you think you have one of these issues, or just simply want to check, get in touch with out experts. Just like your roof, these structures need maintenance to ensure that they are doing their jobs. Book an appointment with one of our experts to ensure that the chimney waterproofing, chase cover, crown and flashing are all in good order.

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