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How To Maintain Tile Roofs


Taking care of tile roofs is important for the structure of a property. They do require regular upkeep in order to keep them in good condition. Not only so they function for a long time, but so they also look great for years to come.

Here we’ve put together just some of the things you can do to maximise the lifespan of your roofing components.

Large home with tiled roof

Inspect Tile Roofs Regularly

Firstly, we recommend taking a look at the top of your property every few months to monitor any changes. Simply step far enough away to try and get a look at the state of your property. This can help spot broken, slipped tiles or anything else that may need to be dealt with. It’s best to look regularly, otherwise small issues could turn into bigger, more expensive problems over time.

Get Repairs On Tile Roofs

As soon as you spot anything wrong with the top of your property, it’s important to get issues dealt with as soon as possible. After all, it protects the whole structure. Make sure to call in the professionals to help. At Salter Roofing, we can complete many repairs, including tile issues, repointing, and any problems with fascias, soffits, cladding, or guttering.

worker replacing red tiles or shingles on house
Moss On Roof

Remove Moss & Any Other Plants

When moss grows on tile roofs, it can cause some problems. The moss can act as a sponge and absorb lots of moisture. If it is on your property for a long time, this moisture could eventually start to infiltrate the structure and cause serious issues.

Moss can also start to break off and crumble into gutters, blocking the drainage system and causing further problems. It’s best to treat this as and when you spot it.

Keep Gutters In Good Condition

As previously mentioned, the guttering system is important to tile roofs. It’s crucial to keep maintained for a healthy property. The system helps with drainage and diverts water away from the structure. If it is blocked, water can build up and cause damage to a property.

To keep gutters clean, remove any bits of large debris by hand and then flush the pipes with a hose to ensure there is a clear path for the water.

Gutter Cleaning

Contact Us For Installations & Repairs For Tile Roofs

At Salter Roofing, our team can help with both installations and repairs. For more information on our services, get in touch with us now. Our team will gladly advise on how to maintain your roof to ensure it does the job for years and years to come.

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