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Can You Put Solar Panels On A Flat Roof?


Yes, you can put solar panels on a flat roof. If your property has some unused space on a level roof, then a set of solar panels is the perfect way to reduce energy costs and make the most of an empty area. However, there are some adjustments and restrictions that accompany this time of installation. Read on to found out more.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels work by converting sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic cells. These cells generate electrons when exposed to light. With enough solar panels attached to your roof, you can power your entire house, and even profit by selling excess to the grid. A level roof is the perfect opportunity for this.

Do I Need Planning Permission For Flat Roof Solar Panels?

One of the biggest drawbacks of flat roof solar panel installations is the possibility of planning permission. The framework required to set up the panels on a level roof instead of a traditional pitch can push you above the allocated roof slope. However, the inconvenience of planning permission is far outweighed by the convenience of a sustainable roof that powers your property.

Lean-to with flat roof

Will I Need To Reinforce My Flat Roof For Solar Panels?

This will depend entirely on the roof. A brand-new flat roof installation will likely be strong, durable and made out of modern materials. These materials will more than likely be able to hold the weight of a solar panel framework. However, we recommend consulting a roofing contractor or structural engineer to ensure that there will be no issues with your flat roof’s integrity.

Do I Need A New Flat Roof For Solar Panels

It’s unlikely that you’ll need a new flat roof to install solar panels. As long as your roof is strong and relatively young it will likely stand the test of time. However, if you have an old, decaying roof and you’re thinking about a long term investment in solar panels, then you may want to consider a refurbishment. Repairing and replacing a level roof after the framework has been installed will be far more costly and inconvenient than before.

Get In Touch With Salter Roofing For Flat Roofs

If you’re looking for flat roof installations, whether it’s for solar panels or any other purpose, contact Salter Roofing today. Our contractors are knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of roofing to ensure you get a quality installation every time.

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