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Why You Should Consider A Slate Roof


Shopping around for a new roof, but not sure which material to opt for? With a plethora of choices on the market, it’s difficult to make an informed decision. Slate is a sedimentary stone that looks stunning and boasts an impressive lifespan. Its aesthetic value is unparalleled, but doesn’t sacrifice its tempered and durable qualities for superficial beauty. For a breakdown on why you should consider a slate roof, keep reading to learn from the experts at Salter Roofing.

A Brief History Of Slate

Slate is an ancient metamorphic rock that has been used in construction projects for thousands of years. As a testament to its robust substructure, this primitive stone has held up as a core manufacturing material. It has been quarried in Wales for over 1,800 years to build castles and forts. Now, it’s a popular roofing component with an abundance of benefits. As a further accolade, Wales has the largest slate quarry in the UK.

So, what makes slate a valuable roofing resource?

Heat Resistant

As slate belongs to the category of metamorphic rock, it possesses unrivalled heat resistance. This is because metamorphic rocks are subject to extremely high temperatures during their inception, which then produces a heat resistant stone (in this case, slate). During the summer months, your roof will be able to withstand oppressive temperatures without fracturing. This means less cash spent on avoidable repairs. Cool, thin pieces may shatter upon direct contact with heat, but slate roofing is far more substantial and vigorous as a unit. It’s completely fireproof, so it won’t buckle under pressure.

slate roof being placed

Long Lasting & Durable

Unlike some contemporary materials, slate will last a lifetime under optimal conditions. It can service a building for 100-200 years, with natural resistances against elemental degradation. The foundations of your property are more likely to cave before your roof; so it’s a long-term, generational investment for your home. Slate roofing is not only fireproof, but also opposes other forms of environmental grievances. This includes rain, sleet, snow and even hurricanes.

Its natural longevity is beneficial for the environmental. By investing in a slate roof, you’ll be limiting the amount of inferior roofing materials sent to skips. A longer lifespan means less replacements, and thus less landfill clutter. Slate is also 100% recyclable, so if you do need a replacement, your eco-credentials won’t be compromised. However, with proper maintenance and care, a replacement shouldn’t be warranted in your lifetime.

Affordable Slate Roof

Here at Salter Roofing, we aspire to keep our prices affordable and practical. Slate is a beautiful and versatile resource, so it can fetch a higher price than its competitors. However, its longevity and damage resistance hails it a superior investments compared to less expensive materials. Other roofing materials will need replaced or repaired within your lifetime, which means fishing out cash for costly repairs. With a slate roof, you’re guaranteed to have a product that will stand the test of time. You’re saving money in the long-run by commissioning a stunning slate roof.

Stunning Slate Roof Installation With Salter Roofing

For quotes on our affordable slate roofing solutions, get in touch. Our team is composed of qualified roofing specialists that will work with you to create a bespoke product that’ll stand the test of time. We have over 25 years of experience in creating beautiful, custom-made roofs for our customers. To discover more, speak to a member of our knowledgeable staff today.

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