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What Are The Best Methods Of Roof Maintenance?


Getting a new roof is very costly, particularly when high end materials are used. When it comes to roof maintenance, non expensive methods are key. If you have paid out a significant amount for a new roof, no doubt, you will want to ensure it stands the test of time. Even if your roof is years old, and has been okay thus far, it is important that you maintain it to lengthen its lifespan and prevent an early replacement. No matter if your roofing is totally new or has been around for a decade, read our guide below for advice on keeping your roof in the best condition.

Clean The Gutters

Damaged paint on the siding and a wet basement are standard issues that result from blocked gutters, though you may be surprised to learn that the overflow can rise. If there are many leaves piled in the gutters, water can filter into roof sheathing and cause it to deteriorate. Repairing this type of damage can be extremely expensive, though you can avoid this by cleaning your gutters a couple of times a year. We would advise hiring a professional for this, to ensure safe and effective solutions.


Remove Leaves

Do you have a simple peaked roof that is encircled by low landscaping? If this is the case, leaves probably do not tend to build up close to chimneys or in roof valleys. If you do not get rid of them, they will retain water in your roof and slowly rot, letting moisture accumulate in your roofing and create the right conditions for weeds to flourish. 

Do you happen to have a single story property, as well as a roofing with a low slope? If so, you might be able to draw the leaves away with a soft car washing brush on a pole. You can also acquire special tools such as a roof leaf rake, or a leaf blower. If the leaves are too damp, or the build up is excessive, you might want to wash them away with a hose. We would not suggest using a pressure washer which can penetrate the shingles.

Flat roof guttering

Get Rid Of Moss For Roof Maintenance

On many properties, with time, roofs can get coated with black algae. While unattractive, this filmy growth does not compromise the integrity of the roof. A small amount of detergent mixed with chlorine bleach will destroy it, though, with your safety in mind, it is best that you do not tamper with it. You should remove moss from your roofing, which is more three dimensional in appearance than algae, as it retains moisture. If you tackle this in its early days, it can be swept away with ease. If there are substantial amounts of build up, the moss may need to be eliminated. After getting a professional to clean the roofing, you should invest in zinc strips to stop the moss from returning. On days when there is rainfall, the runoff from the strips will stop moss from returning.

Trim Overhanging Branches

Trimming overhanging branches will help keep moss and leaves off your roof and minimise damage. Overhanging leaves and limbs can eventually erode shingles, particularly in rough weather. Overhanging branches also create a passage for animals to climb onto your roof, and cause damage. Ensure that branches are a minimum of 10 feet away from your roof to inhibit damage caused by pests. If this is not an option, wrap the tree trunk with a sheet metal bank to take away access. Trimming the branches that overhang the roof is something that should be left to an expert, to ensure safe solutions.

Wooden roof tiles

Get In Touch For Further Advice On Roof Maintenance

Contact us today if you would like more advice on how to effectively maintain your roof, so it lasts for years to come.

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