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Four Reasons To Invest In Metal Seamed Roofing


Metal seamed roofing is a relatively new style of roof that appears in more modern, contemporary homes. It’s identifiable by its distinct fold metal aesthetic, and comes in a number of different finishes and colours to match your home. If you’re considering a metal roof like this, but don’t know if it’s right for you, then we’ve put together a list of reasons to take the plunge.

A Stylish Metal Seamed Roof

The first and possibly greatest reason to invest in a metal seamed roof is the decorative value it brings. Obviously, for certain properties such as an old thatched cottage, or an ancient manor house, it is not complementary. However, for newer, modern builds the metal finish creates a wonderful style that sustains a contemporary theme within your property. If you think your property matches this style, then a metal seamed roof may be the perfect option for your new installation.

Energy Efficiency

Contrary to popular belief, metal seamed roofs are fantastic at maintaining a temperature within your home. The product in which the metal is painted has reflective properties. As a result, less sunlight is absorbed and your home stays cooler. Additionally, less heat escapes your home. This means that a property is more thermally efficient with a metal seamed roof, and could result in more affordable energy bills.

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Low Maintenance

Unlike other roofing alternatives such as thatch and slate, metal requires much less maintenance and upkeep. An occasional cleaning is all that’s necessary to keep your roof looking fresh. It won’t rust or breach easily and can stand the test of time. What’s more, it is often easier to reach and maintain if required, due to the installation requirements and angles used, metal seamed roofs feature flat areas for easy access.

Metal Seamed Roofing That Stands The Test Of Time

Metal seamed roofs are made out of durable, high quality metals that will last for decades. They’re extremely weather resistant and efficient. This means that a professional installation can manage extreme weather and water whilst mitigating any damage that may occur with more traditional roofing materials. This kind of durability means that you can save cost in the long term, and invest that money in other areas of your property.

Contact Salter Roofing For Metal Seamed Roofing

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