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Commercial Roofing


When we meet with prospective customers, they tend to compare multiple roofing systems. Just a few questions that our customers frequently ask us include: What are the bestselling forms of commercial roofing? Which form of roofing will suit my property? What is the most affordable type of roof? In this article, we will cover 3 popular kinds of commercial roofing, discussing their benefits. Here at our company, we have been assisting clients for many years in selecting the right covering for their property and price range.

Single Ply Membrane Roofing

Single ply membrane roofing is a popular roofing choice for commercial and industrial properties. These membranes are layers of rubber and various other synthetics that can be chemically changed, ballasted and mechanically fastened to insulation. This creates a protective sheet on your commercial property. Single ply roofing is a very reputable and frequently used roofing material. However, there are multiple variations, and certain variations will suit your property more than others.

Flat roof

If correctly fitted and cared for, a commercial single ply roof can last for as long as three decades. There are numerous benefits to getting single ply membrane roofs. Firstly, single ply membrane roofing does not tend to come with insulation. Therefore, you will have more freedom when it comes to insulating the roof of your property. Single ply roofing has a proven track record, as EPDM has been used on commercial buildings for many years. This form of roofing has also been around for a significant period of time, enabling multiple field studies to be carried out and extensive monitoring.

Shingle Commercial Roofing

Shingles are known for their use on residential roofing applications. However, contractors frequently utilise shingles for steep slope commercial roofs. Shingles can be made from several materials, such as slate, wood, plastic, metal, ceramic and composite materials including asphalt. The main two types of shingles include asphalt and architectural. Asphalt shingles are one of the more affordable forms of shingles available and, in many instances, come with lengthy warranties. Architectural shingles are heavy and made from several layers to increase the lifespan of, and weatherproof, a property. The cost of a shingle roof will, of course, be dependent on the style and type of shingles you opt for.

Velux windows
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Metal Roofing

Contractors have used metal roofing on properties for many, many years. The vast majority of metal roofing systems utilise corrugated galvanised steel, though other materials including tin and aluminium can also be made use of. As metal roofing is quite lightweight, we can fit it so that so it overlays the roof you already have. After fitting your metal roof, we can add a coating for UV protection, rust protection and waterproofing. The cost of your roof will depend on the style and type of metal panels that you go for.

If correctly fitted and cared for, a commercial metal roof can last for as many as four decades. Just a few benefits that you can expect when we install a metal roof for you include excellent energy efficiency and fire resistance. The metal panels are not susceptible to damage caused by fires. Metal coverings are also available in several kinds of metal and finishes, and can endure the elements, including snow and high winds.

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